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Top 5 Best Dust and Water Resistant Android Smartphones

Android is the leading face of every Smartphone operating system. It allows multitasking, social media usage, portability to several screen size, gaming and much more. The technology has also been embedded in other electronic gadgets too such as Digi cameras from Canon and Samsung. There are some mobile phones launched with possessing water and climate resistant features. If you are…

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Lenovo IdeaPad Y480 Notebook [Review]

The Lenovo IdeaPad Y480 is an ideal choice for people who want smooth performance for multi-media content at an affordable price. This 14” multimedia notebook is designed to deliver good performance and to create a perfect balance between heavy performance for office tasks and gaming at the same time. This combination of a multimedia and game power pack is available…

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Top 10 Best Tablet PCs

Apple’s iPad has evidently dominated the tablet market on an unprecedented level for several years. Its current generation iPad, iPad 2, in addition to its predecessor sold a combined 15 million units during the fourth quarter in 2011; clearly showcasing its domination, there are alternatives which, for some tablet PCs, are even a better option than the iPad. VOICEABLE has compiled a…

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