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15 Best Online Collaboration Tools

Time management at your workplace is the most important aspect if you want to be a successful businessman because, without time management and proper administration, a business can never be successful and cannot face the tough competition no matter how much money you have invested in your business. Work in most organizations is performed either in teams or individually and every employee whether he/she is working in a group or individually must be productive so as to achieve the target set by the organization. The more productive you are, the more efficient result will be produced. Better results can only be achieved if the work is done in coordination and proper collaboration because working together remotely can actually be a positive aspect for the success of an organization.

Nowadays, a lot many companies are working together remotely and that too online which actually saves a lot of time reduces cost and in turn, increases the productivity. In order to have proper collaboration among each other, a large number of online collaboration tools have been developed by the technology experts and these tools actually help the companies situated at the different location to work together remotely.

Apart from collaborating with each other, companies also collaborate with their customers and suppliers with the help of these tools. This daily collaboration leads to the efficient and effective working of the management which in turn leads to increase in productivity and of course profit as well. So, here we are providing you a list of the best online collaboration tools which will help your company to increase its productivity. Do check them out.

15 Best Online Collaboration Tools:-

  1. Slack

Best Online Collaboration Tools

This tool is the best when you need to improve the communication skills of your team members and at the same time work remotely. It is a real-time communication online tool which leads to the collaboration of the team of remote employees. This tool helps the business to grow more efficiently as there is time saving and keeping all the employees of the organization together.


  1. InVision

Best Online Collaboration Tools

This online collaboration tool is exclusively designed for web designers as it actually helps them to make their designs more attractive and innovative. The customers or clients are also welcome to give their feedback regarding the designs and apart from that customers are also given daily updates regarding the projects as well.


  1. Google Keep

Best Online Collaboration Tools

Google Keep is one of the best online tool or software when it comes to increasing the productivity of your business by saving time and improving the working of the management. With the help of this tool, one makes and share lists and ideas and the app is available for both Android and iOS devices. The tool is quite easy to use as well.


  1. Trello

Best Online Collaboration Tools

This online collaboration tool is basically used for project management where you can make and share your to-do lists with others quite easily. It works on a card system which helps you to identify or categorize your text, photos, and other files. It also has an amazing feature of setting up of appointment reminders and also the tool is available free of cost.


  1. in

Best Online Collaboration Tools

This online collaboration tool or software helps the employees of your company to work in coordination even if they are working remotely which in turn will lead to an effective increase in the productivity of the company. This app has enough capacity because more than eight people can converse at a time through this tool and the tool is totally free of cost.


  1. Yammer

Best Online Collaboration Tools

This tool is suitable for those who want to converse and work in collaboration but privately. The tool can be used on the web, desktop and even on your mobile phone as well. Through this tool, you can have private as well as open chats with other employees of your organization and for this, you just need to sign in on your company’s official email id.


  1. Red Pen

Best Online Collaboration Tools

Red Pen is basically a feedback tool which a company gets from its clients and customers. Most suitable for freelancing type of business where critical analysis is required regarding various projects. It has some really amazing features like you can easily drag and drop your created designs into space created called dashboard and also share with other employees. It also keeps you updated regarded the latest technology related to designs as well.


  1. Mural

Best Online Collaboration Tools

This online collaboration tool helps you to drag and drop your various files, links, and documents into a huge HTML drawing board which is a great platform for new and innovative web based designing ideas. The designers actually collaborate through this tool and brainstorm their innovative ideas and anybody is free to see the ideas uploaded and can even participate as well.


  1. GoVisually

Best Online Collaboration Tools

This is a kind of Online Collaboration Tools where the web designers, as well as the clients, can collectively participate and share their ideas and feedback regarding web designing. The designers can directly edit their projects through this tool without the use of emails which is quite a time to consume. This tool has all the basic features of a drawing app and is compatible with all kinds of versions as well.


  1. MindMeister

Best Online Collaboration Tools

This one is actually a mind-mapping tool or software but also performs the function of a collaborating tool as well. It is mostly used by designers to create and draft their ideas and they can organize their concepts in quite an efficient way as well.


  1. Conceptboard

Best Online Collaboration Tools

This one is basically an instant whiteboard tool which is quite widely used by designers for online collaboration with colleagues and clients. Apart from that, the designers can also draft, create and revise their design ideas through this tool. The editing is mostly done on the basis of feedback which is received from the clients.


  1. Ideaflip

Best Online Collaboration Tools

Ideaflip collaboration tool actually helps the web designing companies to create and instantly share their ideas and thoughts with the world and also edit and refine them according to the feedback whenever required. The app is quite simple to use and is perfect for brainstorming.


  1. Scribblar

Best Online Collaboration Tools

Scribblar is an online collaboration app or software which works just like a chat room with the audio feature in it which works amazingly well. The designers actually brainstorm their ideas and thoughts with the help of this app and the tool is available online totally free of cost.


  1. BinFire

Best Online Collaboration Tools

This is one another and multitasking Online Collaboration Tools which is mostly used for project management and is most suitable when the work is done in teams. The tool has the whiteboard and markup features which work quite well with the web designers.


  1. Basecamp

Best Online Collaboration Tools

This is one of the most powerful Online Collaboration Tools used for project management and is not at all complicated instead quite simple and easy to use. The features include a to-do list, wiki-style, file sharing, messaging and much more. It is available for desktop, Android, and iOS devices and is totally free of cost.


So, these are the top Online Collaboration Tools which can be used to increase the productivity of your company.

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