Top 10 Best iPhone Halloween Apps

Halloween is always a fun occasion and what better way to prepare for the day with iPhone applications based on it. The late October event always has a somewhat darker festive vibe to it and you can’t help but join in on the event.Voiceable has compiled a list of the top 10 best iPhone Halloween apps.

10. Fun Photo Effects HD: Best iPhone Halloween Apps

If you’ve got a Halloween picture and want to customize it via an application, look no further as Fun Photo Effects HD delivers the following:

  • Hand-drawn photo effects
  • Over 50 photo effects
  • Can be used as wallpapers

9. Halloween FX Soundboard: Best iPhone Halloween Apps

What better way to get into the spirit of Halloween than listening to audio based on the horrifying day. Features for Halloween FX Soundboard include:

  • Great sound quality
  • 24 sounds
  • Recordings carried out in professional studio

8. Pro Zombie Soccer: Best iPhone Halloween Apps

Developed by the well-known Chillingo, Pro Zombie Soccer sees players taking control of football players with zombies scattered around on the pitch. Notable features are:

  • Original soundtrack
  • Admirable graphics
  • Unique zombies

7. Pumpkin 3D LITE: iPhone Halloween Apps

Pumpkin 3D LITE allows players to carve a pumpkin from scratch and then subsequently decorate it via various items. Features include:

  • Pages of decorations
  • Share with friends and family
  • Dimmer tool to turn down lighting

6. Halloween Costumes Fashion Fun:

Ever wanted to dress up your kids with Halloween costumes in a virtual manner? Halloween Costumes Fashion Fun delivers exactly that with features entailing:

  • Numerous costumes
  • Email feature
  • Screenshots support

5. Vampire Origins RELOADED: iPhone Halloween Apps

Protagonist Vincent is a resurrected hero who is seeking revenge from the death of his beloved with various features in Vampire Origins RELOADED including:

  • Retina screens support
  • Gyroscope Gunrange mini-game
  • Various gameplay scenarios

4. DOOM Resurrection: Best iPhone Halloween Apps

id Software spearheaded the first-person shooter genre with the classic DOOM. A perfect fit for a Halloween game, the game entails:

  • Advanced visual engine
  • Various weapons
  • A total of 8 levels

3. Halloween Voice Transformer: Best iPhone Halloween Apps

Users can record their self with any words and consequently have it morphed into Halloween-based characters such as the grim reaper, alien, wicked witch, as well as the following features:

  • Email voices
  • Save the voices made
  • Six voice transformations

2. Zombie Highway: Best iPhone Halloween Apps

In a game that’ll keep players occupied on the highway, a hungry batch of zombies stand in your way with features entailing:

  • A total of 15 guns
  • 8 levels
  • Four cars

1. Zombie Gunship: Best iPhone Halloween Apps

Placing players in the seat of an armored attack aircraft, Zombie Gunship is the perfect game for gun lovers with features consisting of:

  • Zombie kills
  • 25mm Gatling gun
  • Coins inclusion


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